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In Residence
Zurich, Switzerland
July — December 2023

Adania Shibli



Palestinian author Adania Shibli (born 1974) writes novels, plays, short stories and essays and is also active in academic research and teaching. "Eine Nebensache" (Berenberg 2022) is her first book publication in German, was shortlisted for the International Literature Prize of the House of World Cultures in Berlin and has just received the LiBeraturpreis 2023. The English translation "Minor Detail" (Fitzcarraldo 2020) was nominated for the National Book Award (2020) and the International Booker Prize (2021). Adania Shibli lives and works in Germany and Palestine. Her works have been translated into 20 languages.

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A Short Passage

"Minor Detail"

“And it is possible, at first glance, to mock this tendency, which could compel someone, after the building next to their office at their new job is bombed, to be more concerned about the dust that was created by the bombing and that landed on their desk than about the killing of the three young men who had barricaded themselves inside, for instance. But despite this, there are some who consider this way of seeing, which is to say, focussing intently on the most minor details, like dust on the desk or fly shit on a painting, as the only way to arrive at the truth and definitive proof of its existence. There are even art historians who make these same claims.”

— From “Minor Detail" (Fitzcarraldo Editions / New Directions, London 2020)